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hello there, be sure to check out my reviews and other random beauty related thingss!....and talk to me about anything :) i welcome questions & random stuff

So I don’t know if you guys know or not, but I am obsessed with asian/korean cosmetics, I just find that because it’s asian, the products would suit me more (since i’m asian), and overall the packaging and everything is just awesome, anyways onto the haul. 

I decided to purchase a few products since there has been quite a lot of new releases from korea and the drugstore. 

I have written reviews on some of these products, but be sure to look out for more :D I will keep you updated as I test them out~

Oh, and if you were wondering, I purchased the korean cosmetics from ebay :)

Be sure to tell me in the comments down below if you have tried any of these products, and what you think of them!

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Hello! You may have noticed, but I haven’t written a post in a very very long time. It was summer break and I was just being super lazy. And then in mid august, I went on a trip to New York :) which was very exciting, since it was my very first time going to U.S!

So although it’s not huge, here is a mini beauty haul I did, there was so many places to go, and so many things to do, therefore I wasn’t able to visit many drugstores, but I popped into Target on the day I was going to leave for home and picked up some things that I couldn’t get in the U.K 

Oh also, I purchased a highlighter from Mac online before I set off for N.Y, and it arrived when I came back home, so I just thought i’d add it into the haul :)

Look forward to the upcoming reviews for these products and more~!

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